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James (Jim) Richard, COLLEY

COLLEY, James (Jim) Richard (1947-2018), of Hemmingford, Quebec, beloved and devoted husband of Sally Meyer, died on March 13 at the Hôpital du Suroȋt Hospital in Valleyfield, where he received the most extraordinary medical care over the last 12 months.

Jim will always be remembered as a wise mentor and kind-hearted father by his children: James H. Colley (Elaine Cheung), Christopher Colley (Christine Truesdale), Rhiannon Colley (Ian Perkins), Stephanie Stott (Gerhard Schirmacher), Rebecca Stott (Andrea Bianchi) and William Colley (Sarah Tremblay).

He was loving Grampa and Grandpapa to Sebastian, Tessa, Liam, Mila, Alessandro, Jeremy, Anita and Spencer James;

Caring eldest brother to Robert Colley (Jeff McDonald) and Janet Colley (Nick Divjak);

Life friend of Gay Grannary;

Strengthening Jim’s circle of love are Susan Meyer and her husband Herb Nash, Joan Colley, Kathy Colley, Michi Dubeau, John Skillicorn, Bridget Wayland, many awesome nieces and nephews, and friends too numerous to name here.

Jim touched the lives of many through his long, successful career with the Eastern Townships School Board. In retirement, he worked hand-in-hand with William, and eventually Rhiannon, to shape their company, Fusion Farm.

Community was important to Jim. He coached Hemmingford Girls U-20 soccer, cared for St. Andrew’s United Church especially the UCW, eagerly participated in the annual tree give-away, and served on CCU at the municipal level. He volunteered with Hemmingford Christmas baskets and Emergency fund. His happy places were the Lacolle Curling Club and the greens of nearby golf courses.


Friday, March 30, from 7 to 9 p.m.
Serre & Finnegan Funeral Home,
514 Champlain Av, Hemmingford


Officiated by Deborah Beattie, LLWL
Saturday, March 31
Hemmingford Golf Course, 313 Rte. 219, Hemmingford
Gathering at 10:30 a.m.; Remembrance & Celebration at 11 a.m.; Reception to follow

In lieu of flowers: Médecins Sans Frontières or SPCA Montérégie. And if you can, please plant a tree.


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To the memory of COLLEY, James (Jim) Richard

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Our condolences

Dearest Sally and loved ones,
A beautiful life well lived. May all your memories bring you comfort…..
Jim naturally inspired and touched the lives of so many, his gift will carry on forever. A beautiful legacy.
Pauline Bourdon and family.

Pauline Bourdon

Our thoughts are with you in this moment of grief

To – Sally and all the family
We offer our sympathy to all of you. Sunset in one land is Sunrise in another.

Esther & Don Lang Howick,QC

Our condolences

I was so saddened to learn of Jim’s passing .
Jim was a really good , wise, patient and very kind man who was greatly respected by all those who knew him . He was a fine educator who touched many throughout his career.
My condolences to Jim’s family .
Renalee Gore

Renalee Gore

Toutes nos condoléances

To Sally and all of Jim’s family,our heartfelt sympathies on your loss.Enjoyed playing golf with Jim over the past couple of years.Peter and Kathi Bienz.

Peter Bienz

Toutes nos condoléances

To Sally and all of Jim’s family,our heartfelt sympathies on your loss.Enjoyed playing golf with Jim over the past couple of years.Peter and Kathi Bienz.

Peter Bienz

Toutes nos condoléances

Dearest Sally and Jim’s entire family….
Jim was my guidance councillor at Massey Vanier and it took only a very short time in his presence for me to know that I would one day help other youth, the way Jim helped me. 32 years later and I still work with kids in Mansonville. Jim was my lunch date on many trips to McDonalds, he provided the shoulder on which I cried when my heart was broken, he was my first audience when I tested my comedic genius. Jim’s leather jacket smelled like Christmas in the middle of summer and his laughter when he saved me with an emergency council session from Phys Ed class was infectious. Mr.Colley…a knight in shining armour and every teenage girl’s dream in the midst of those difficult high school years. He was and remained the best mentor I could ever hope to dance in the shadow of. Thank you all for bringing him so much love and joy in his life. The world mourns as Heaven’s lonely now have the most comforting of arms to rest in. Jim, I will never forget you.

Mable Hastings

Our condolences

Sally and Family, on behalf of myself and the Tuesday and Thursday golf friends our deepest condolences. Jim was a great friend and will be missed by us all.
Jim Gillam

Jim Gilam

May peace be with you

Sally, I am sending my love and sympathy, and a big hug to you.

Judy Coffin

Our condolences

Siamo affettuosamente vicini a Sally, Rebecca, Steph e tutti i familiari di Jim.
Nonna Lù, gli zii Paola, Gigi, Carlo Titty e Maria Grazia

Paola Borghi

May peace be with you

My deepest condolences for your loss.

Peppi Glaser

Toutes nos condoléances

To Sally and family, my most sincere sympathy. RIP Jim . Hugs !

Lianne Crossfield

May God accompany you in this hardship

Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. It is not easy to lose a sister and husband within such a short period of time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Winston and Linda Bresee

Toutes nos condoléances

Dear Sally, I didn’t know your Jim but I recall the loving way you spoke about him when we first met so many, many years ago. My deep sympathy to you and the rest of the family.

Vivienne Galanis

Toutes nos condoléances

I am so sorry to hear this sad news,Sally. Sending you and your family my deepest sympathy.

Doreen Reglin

Toutes nos condoléances

Cara Sally, ricordando il sorriso e lo sguardo gentile di Jim, ti pensiamo con affetto in questi giorni di dolore e tristezza.
Nonna Lu, Paola, Gigi (Adele’s mother, sister and brother in law )

Paola Borghi

Toutes nos condoléances

Dear Sally, Rebecca, Steph and family,

We are glad to have met Jim at Rebecca and Andrea’s wedding. We will keep a warm memory of him. All our thoughts are with you.

Giulia and Aurélien

Giulia et Aurélien

Overwhelmed to learn such terrible news

Dear Sally, Chris, and Family,

I am so sorry to hear of Jim’s passing. Jim was such a remarkable individual. I will always remember him as fair, kind, calm, and thoughtful.

Because of Jim’s open-mindedness and creative planning, I was able to jump start my career. He hired me to teach a few classes at Farnham Elementary, and that got my foot in the door with the ETSB. I worked with him for a couple years, and he always managed to make me feel like a welcome member of the team. My inexperience and age meant very little to him; he wanted to give me a chance, and I am grateful to him for it.

I hope you all find comfort knowing that Jim affected so many people in such positive ways. He will be missed.

Best wishes,

Pat Fontaine

Pat Fontaine

Toutes nos condoléances

Nos prières vous accompagne Laurent et Francine

Laurent Fortin Francine Bourdeau

Toutes nos condoléances

Ricordando lo sguardo gentile e buono di Jim, siamo vicini a Sally con affetto. Nonna Lu,, Paola, Gigi (Adele’s mother, sister an brother in law).

Paola Borghi

Toutes nos condoléances

Our sincere condolences to Sally and Jim’s family. We regret that we saw far too little of Jim but he is remembered as a true gentleman, a great colleague and a wonderful person. Our thoughts are with you.

Blaine and Jill MacDonald

Our condolences

So sorry to hear of Jim’s passing. Life is not fair. He left us way too soon.

Frank Eberdt

Que la paix soit avec vous

Holding you Sally and all the special folk named in Jim’s obituary in my heart and prayer.
David Lefneski


Toutes nos condoléances

Very sad to hear of the news of Jim’s passing. My thoughts are will you all.
Jim was a mentor to more than the students he guided. As one of those grateful recipients of Jim’s wisdom, I know that his work continues.

Peter Hamilton

Toutes nos condoléances

May you rest in peace Jim knowing you made this a better place for us all.

My heart goes out to you Gay and the kids. I have lit a candle today that will burn all day as I go in and out of remembering all the times we shared.

Years at work underground in student services , the hours we spent in the Cowansville kitchen canning, laughing over meals, staff get togethers with Jim who danced like no other, Christmases with the Butlers… all the while doing our best to raise healthy kids.

The ups and downs and the in-betweens all become so much richer in hindsight.

I miss you all. My spirit is shaken knowing you have been left with this grief.

My deepest love to all of you.


Colleen Hillock

May peace be with you

Dearest Sally & Family,
To look at Jim’s face tells us what a kind and gentle man he was. Going back with both of you nearly 50 years, is another chapter in our lives that takes a piece of our hearts. May you and your family find piece with the love that surrounds you with faith, family and friends. God Bless! xoxoxo

Family Blair and Belinda Gushue

Our thoughts are with you in this moment of grief

Sally & family, we wish you strength & peace during your time of grief.

Nina & Brent Mccutcheon

Que la paix soit avec vous

My deepest sympathy to the family. Mr Colley was a huge part of my teenage years. He supported me through one of the toughest times in my life. I shall never forget his warm smile and soft touch on my shoulder. May he rest in peace. May God help ease the pain of all his family and friends. , Karen. Big hugs for you Jamie

Karen Wightman

Toutes nos condoléances

My sincere condolences to Jim’s family, “a true gentleman he was” and a pleasure to play curling with.

Gilles G. Perreault

Toutes nos condoléances

We think of Jim as the “quiet” man. But when he spoke, his comments were thoughtful and relevant. There was always an aura of kindness and understanding about him. Our place of interaction with him was the curling club at Lacolle. Jim exemplified the true principles of the game, i.e. keenness of play combined with a respect for your opposition. He was indeed a strong competitor and pleasant company. We will miss him and our condolences go out to Sally and his family.
Perry and Denise Anderson

Perry and Denise Anderson

Our thoughts are with you in this moment of grief

Jim was a good man principal.Nick

Nick Wynnik

Toutes nos condoléances

mes sympathie a Sally et toute votre famille, j ai toujours été émerveillée par la paix et la sérénité qui se dégageait de votre couple .j aime me rappeler cette phrase de Khalil Gibran….,et comme les graines qui rêvent sous la neige,votre coeur rêve du printemps…,Jim est au printemps de sa cinquième saison,bon printemps a toi Jim Colley.

nicole lavertue

Toutes nos condoléances

My sincere condolences to you and all the families. Although we seldom see each other ,I speak of you often. Jim was a great human,teacher,friend,Father,and Grandfather. Will be surely missed,he leaves us to another place. Please carry on and share his memories.
Gord Forster.

Gord Forster

Toutes nos condoléances

Dear Sally and Family,
Don and I were saddened to hear about Jim’s passing. We remember him as a fun, kind-hearted man, and colleague. We enjoyed many laughs together over the years at M-V. Our deepest condolences to you and your family.

Don and Sue McLean

Toutes nos condoléances

My old principle of Butler Elementary school. Always was a kind-hearted man, and a very just person in my eyes. Soft spoken, well worded, and wise.
I really did look up to him back then.. I would go see him when I got picked on by other kids.

I remember at my elementary graduation that he made friendly jokes about my best friend and I at the time, myself and Freddy Grant Jr. He always found it funny that the biggest kid in school was best friends with the smallest kid in school.

I also remember the time in elementary when they changed principles.

Around that time, I remember when I was sick, I went to the office, and the secretary told me to lay down on the cot to rest near the wooden bookshelves in the back.. I think I was covered with this thin orange blanket, but I was comfortable. 🙂
I think it was his son, who I think became the new principle at the time, who came in and asked me if I have ever heard of the song Enya-Only Time. I told him no, I have never heard it.
Wow come to think of it, this was the first song in my life I ever liked. I first heard it again in 2011 after I moved to New Brunswick.
My head flooded with a feeling close to home.

I remember in grade 5 when we first got our laptops, ever.
We first heard about them when Mrs.Schmidt had hers when we joined the mediation club afterschool program.

Now, I wish laptops were never introduced in school, only courses on how to properly use them.

Cursive writing is being thrown out of school… and many more children now days are suffering from physical ailments that shouldn’t exist.
Hand writing is becoming a thing in the past, but this is not right.
People’s ability to write by hand in the future will be no more.
Us, as human beings, slowly evolve into our environment over time.

All I have been taught by all of my teachers and mentors in school and otherwise, will not go in vain.
I promised to change the world, and I will do just that.

Rest in peace, sir.
You are loved by many and have touched more souls than you realised.

I always did think of you from timw to time, as I do many of my old mentors.

I can and I will change this world for the better.

I have learned much, and I will teach ad many as I can about all I have learned.
Much of which would not be accepted by current academic standard.

You are missed.

With love.


Benjamin Charles Kendall Bordo

Toutes nos condoléances

Very sorry to hear this news about Jim. My deepest condolences to the family.

JoAnn Hebert Pazdur

Que Dieu vous accompagne dans l'épreuve

Dear Sally and family,
I was saddened to hear this news. Jim was well liked by many and I am sure he will be missed by many.
My most heartfelt condolences to you and your extended family. 2018 is not an easy year for all of you.
You are in my thoughts and prayers once again. {{{HUGS}}}

Marg. Racette Robertson

Toutes nos condoléances

So sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts,he was a great man.

Roslyn Westover

Our condolences

I am truly saddened by this news. I’ve had the priviledge of working with Jim as my principal. He was a wonderful mentor and role
model. I learned a lot from him. Our sincere condolences to the family.

Helen Manning

Toutes nos condoléances

I was saddened to hear of Jim’s passing. Lots of good memories on the ice and the golf course. My deepest sympathy to his family.

Mary Zurlo. Champlain, NY

Toutes nos condoléances

Sally and family – our sincere condolences.

Dan and Sharon Mark

Toutes nos condoléances

Our most sincere condolences to the family, especially to his children who lost a great dad,
It was a pleasure to work with your father at Massey-Vanier. He was a very kind and considerate person.
We are presently in Florida and will unable to attend the funeral.

Lorraine and Richard Staples

Lorraine Staples

Toutes nos condoléances

My deepest sympathy
So sorry for you loss

Perry Mason

Toutes nos condoléances

Dear Colley Family,
My sincerest sympathies at the loss of your husband, father, grandfather, and brother.

Petra Bardon-Stroebele

Petra Bardon

Que la paix soit avec vous

Sally, I was so sad to hear of the loss of Cathy and now your husband Jim. This is a beautiful obituary.

My prayers are with you and your family,

Wendy Watson

Wendy Watson

Que Dieu vous accompagne dans l'épreuve

We are close to Sally and her family, and will remenber Jim with sympathy. Giorgio and Adele

Giorgio and Adele