James Gordon Masten

Natchko Alexandrov Todorov dit :

Je le rencontrais à l’occasion au bureau de poste de Lacolle, et nous échangions chaque fois quelques mots. C’était spécial de penser que quelqu’un habitant à Lacolle faisait partie de la communauté artistique, une personne que l’on voyait à la télévision! Il semblait être une bonne personne, fort sympathique…. je garderai un beau souvenir de nos petites rencontres fortuites! J’offre à tous ceux et celles qui l’ont connu mes plus sincères sympathies!

Daniel Bissonnette dit :

À Judy et famille ,c’est avec tristesse et stupéfaction que nous apprenons le deces. De Gordon,notre voisin côtoyé pendant 19 ans!C’était un bout en train ,chantait souvent de sa grosse voix !Condoleances a toute la mamelle et proches!Daniel Bissonnette et André Ethier

Wendy dit :

Like many others, we were shocked and heartbroken to hear the news of Gordon’s passing. He always brought so much life to any room he entered and his great sense of humour was always appreciated. Such a wonderful soul who has left us far too soon. How wonderful though, that he graced us and so many others with his amazing wonderful presence during his time here. Our deepest condolences to Jude and the family. We’re thinking of you and sending you much love during this difficult time.
Nan Catto, Wendy Catto & Gabrielle Catto

Pierre Emond dit :

Gordon was a special person, knowing him as a customer first, and as a friend later. Was always a pleasure to talk with gordon ! I was so sad learning that you passed away.. We will never forget you gord.

Elisabeth Kutter dit :

My deepest sympathies to the Masten family and the large clan that surrounded Gordon thanks to the addition of Jude in his life. Such a talented and generous soul taken far too soon. He will be missed.

Sylvie Proulx dit :

Dear Jude,
I will cherish all the great memories I have of Gordon. He always had a thought that he wanted to share or a funny comment to make everytime I saw him. We had great discussions on so many different topics. He was so colourful…A real privilege to have known him and yourself. I wish you courage and may you find peace. I know that you have love and support around you to help you go through this very difficult time. Please accept my deepest condolences. Your ex neighbor

Lucie Bombardier dit :

To Jude, family, relatives and close friends, we offer our sincere condolences. For my kids, who were working at the garage and acted as valet service for Gordon’s gathering, for Stéphane, who was Gordon’s mechanic at the garage and long time friend and neighbour, and for me, as I was working at the Post Office, Gordon was coming in saying: knock knock, and me answering : who’s there? And always having Gordon expressing loud and clear a different personnage, or telling a new story. He was always joyful and considerate. We’ll miss you.
Alexandre, Arianne et Stéphane Racine ainsi que Lucie Bombardier

Colleen Boyse dit :

We were shocked and saddened when we heard of Gord’s passing. When I think of the special occasions that started with a gleam in Gord’s eye….The Spring Fling, The Fall Ball, The Hoedown and other numerous church events. It was such fun!
When the phone would ring and I saw his name, I would purposely not answer knowing he would leave a hilarious message in whatever accent took his fancy. He had a wonderful sense of humour, a larger than life personality, along with kindness and compassion. He will be sorely missed. He was a dear friend.
Our heartfelt sympathy to Jude and the family.
Colleen & Eric

Richard M. Dumont dit :

We have lost a great talent, a bon vivant, and a wonderfully crazy, crazy guy at a time when the world needs a helluva lot more exactly like him.

To his entire family, my family’s deepest condolences.

… RIP, Gordon.

Erick ethier dit :

Im very saddened to hear the passing of one of my favorite people that came and see me at work.always cracking jokes about movies and what favorite series he loved to watch on Netflix.he made laugh everytime.and doing one on one improve.i will truly miss my little red hair man(not much on top)im sorry for your lost

Jeannette et Germain Jubinville dit :

My deepest sympathies to the family.

Oumy D dit :

Il continuera à vivre à travers nos souvenirs. Bon courage à toute la famille.

Carole St-Jean dit :

I’m so sorry to hear this sad news. All my deepest sympathies for you, Jude, and your family. He will be missed.

Dom Fioré dit :

Sympathies à toute la famille.
J’ai connu Gordon à Toronto et on a partagé la scène plusieurs fois.
You have left a void in all of us but your infectious laugh and talent will linger.
Love you Gordon

Hugo and Nadine Roth dit :

Dear Jude and Family:

We were so saddened to hear the news of Gords passing. Hugo and I will miss seeing him when we visit Lacolle from New Jersey several times each year. He had such a zest for life, always making us laugh and was a great classmate and friend of Hugo’s and everyone he came in contact with. He will forever be in our hearts.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

angelbert laforest dit :

sympathies a toute la famille when i was yonger i used to play with gordon and he help me with my english speaking

Annie Cartier dit :

My sympathies to Jude and all the family. My thoughts are with you in these moments.

Annie that used to work at garage Racine

Odette Beaupré dit :

Cher Gorden,

Tu seras toujours présent dans mon esprit. Partager avec toi la scène fût fantastique!

La vie vient te faucher un peu trop vite à mon avis et certainement celui de tous tes proches.

Mes sincères condoléances à ton épouse et à ton fils.


Odette, Andréane et Geneviève xxx

Sandra Hadley dit :

My condolences to Jude and Gord’s extended family. His passing cuts deeply. He had so much more to do, be and live.

Jean Lestage dit :

I will miss you….

Jolene Robinson dit :

Such a shock to us and for all the family – he will be missed in so many ways. Church concerts and his dramatic way of reading Bible stories, as our Christmas Santa, and in the choir are just some of the ways Lacolle United Church will feel his loss. Our sympathy to all the family.

Kim Van Vliet dit :

Gord was a kind and generous soul and happily shared his talents by singing at our wedding at Odelltown Church in Lacolle in May of 2016. A funny story; Gord was a friend of my father Grant Van Vliet and my father was the care taker at the Burtonville Cemetery for several decades. When dad couldn’t find Gord in December 2015, he left his yearly calendar in Gord’s mailbox with a note that said, “see you in my Granite Garden”. This is what dad called the cemetery and when Gord went there to pay respects to his family, he would often have a visit with my dad when he was working there. My dad died shortly after he left the note, making ‘see you in my granite garden take on a whole new meaning! Gord and Jude shared this with me at the service for my dad, and it helped me find some humour during our difficult time of loss. Ken and I share your sorrow and hope you find peace and comfort in the full life he had and the impact he had on the community and students he taught.

Julia Borsellino dit :

My deepest sympathies to Jude and the family. Gord will be missed! I will never forget the thoughtfulness and pure joy that he brought to his classes at Dawson. While working together on my cartoon voice demo a few years back, he suddenly got very serious and looked at me, in that deep way in which he saw people, and said, “You’re a really funny person, aren’t you?” I don’t think anyone had ever used the word funny to describe me before. I think about that moment often and thank Gord for seeing things in his students that they were unable to see on their own.

alain galipeau dit :

Jude, si tu as besoin de moi pendant cette terrible période, je serai disponible.

Ton voisin Alain

Anthony & Hera from Centaur dit :

Our deepest sympathy. He will be greatly missed.