Jean Audrey SEALE (Mavor), 2016-04-10

Peter and Susan Baker dit :

Our condolences
You could always count on Audrey to light up a room with her personality, sense of humour and ability to tell it like it is. Meeting in the antique business some 40 years ago I became good friends with Audrey and Bud who eventually moved into the log cabin next door where our relationship grew into one of family -- not only a dear friend, Audrey became a second mother to me and we went through many of life's trials and tribulations together. I look over there today and I see her reading, cooking, and having that five o'clock glass of wine! The last thing we talked about was her getting out of the hospital and joining Susan and I and friend Fred at the local pub -- we will raise a glass. All our love and sympathies to Dianne, Robin and Bonnie and all the grandchildren who are very close to our hearts. Peter and Susan Baker