James Gordon Masten

Kim Van Vliet dit :

We share your sorrow
Gord was a kind and generous soul and happily shared his talents by singing at our wedding at Odelltown Church in Lacolle in May of 2016. A funny story; Gord was a friend of my father Grant Van Vliet and my father was the care taker at the Burtonville Cemetery for several decades. When dad couldn't find Gord in December 2015, he left his yearly calendar in Gord's mailbox with a note that said, "see you in my Granite Garden". This is what dad called the cemetery and when Gord went there to pay respects to his family, he would often have a visit with my dad when he was working there. My dad died shortly after he left the note, making 'see you in my granite garden take on a whole new meaning! Gord and Jude shared this with me at the service for my dad, and it helped me find some humour during our difficult time of loss. Ken and I share your sorrow and hope you find peace and comfort in the full life he had and the impact he had on the community and students he taught.